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Fukumoto Orange

The endocarp or fruit pulp is pail red color and the surface of the wood beneath the bark can be red o white. Although the color red is more intense when the average temperatures are close to 25ºC.


Nowadays, AGRO SAN ANTONIO produces the variety of Fukumoto Orange, which corresponds to a navel orange (belly button) early harvest and its most important attributes are:

• Rounded fruit and good size
• Intense color on the exterior with a red tendency
• Extraordinary consumption quality

All of these attributes allow it to be a variety of great interest for customers. The rootstocks used in our plantations are Rubidoux and Carrizo.

Fukumoto Characteristics

Harvest June - July Flavor
Very Sweet
Sweet acid
Origin Japan
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Cara Cara

In AGRO SAN ANTONIO we are convinced of the extraordinary characteristics of this fruit, we also know of the great conditions of land and climate that exist in Pichidegua for its good production. We want to stand out in the production of Cara Cara oranges in the country, considering that it is estimated that in Chile there are no more than 200 hectares of this variety. For this reason, by 2018 we are planning on having an additional 15 hectares in our field in Larmahue, which would make a total of 22 hectares, as a result, having more than 10% of the Cara Cara hectares in Chile.


Cara Cara

At the end of 2016 we have implemented the harvest of a new variety of oranges called Cara Cara, also known as Red California or Red Navel. This orange is the result of a spontaneous conversion that originated in a branch of orange Navel Washington, in the farm of “La Caracara” located in the San Diego, Venezuela, owned by the Jiménez Torres family.

This variety of tree is very similar to Washington Navel. However, we find two differences between them, first to the reddish color of their pulp due to the presence of the lycopene pigment. The second difference is in the taste of its juice, both of which are exquisite.In several countries in Europe and North America “Cara Cara” orange has quickly become a product desired by sophisticated customers who take value on its flavor and its red pulp as "Sanguinelli".

Cara Cara Characteristics

Color Interno
Color Externo
Origin Venezuela

New plantations

Our main objective is to produce the best lemons in the world, which is why our collaborators must be able to harvest them in a happy environment and with good working conditions.

This new project considers a large share of innovation and technology that allows us to ensure efficient production and an exemplary product. The surface to be planted is 22 hectares of lemon Messina on a Roubidux pattern, unprecedented in Chile. We hope that the innovation in using this pattern will allow us to have a rather small tree, but very generous in production that manages to concentrate and show the best of this variety.


Messina Lemon

On the other hand, by the year 2018 we are implementing the start of AGRO SAN ANTONIO to the production of lemons. We are convinced that due to our extensive experience in the production of oranges, we can extrapolate these practices to produce the best lemons from and for the world.

After long days of research of the different varieties of lemons we have chosen to produce the “Messina” variety, which possesses a characteristic that differentiate it from others, such as its excellent caliber, color, shape and interior quality. In addition, this variety has no thorns which makes it a faster and safer harvest for our workers.

Messina Characteristics

Color Interno
Pale yellow
Color Externo
Origin Europe

About San Antonio

AGRO SAN ANTONIO is born as a family project lead by Osvaldo Antonio Barrientos Valenzuela, more than 20 years ago in the town of Pichidegua, sixth region, of Chile.

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