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Agro San Antonio: Passion and Excellence in the Field that Transcends Borders


In an event celebrating the dedication and effort of Chilean farmers, Agro San Antonio has been distinguished with one of the most prestigious awards in the agricultural sector, consolidating its position as a leader in the industry and ambassador of the passion and excellence for the Chilean countryside at both national and international levels.

The 2023 Field of the Year Contest, organized by ANASAC Chile and sponsored by the National Society of Agriculture SNA, the Association of Chilean Exporters ASOEX, and the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile Fedefruta, recognized Agro San Antonio with 3 distinctions:

  • • As the best field in the Sixth Region of Chile
  • • As one of the two winners in the "Passion for the Field" category,
  • • And as the Field with World-Class Management, an achievement that highlights not only the exceptional quality of its products but also its commitment to excellence and sustainability at all stages of production.

Located in the fertile O'Higgins region, Agro San Antonio has been a pillar in the agricultural community of Pichidegua. This award not only celebrates past achievements but also anticipates a bright future for Agro San Antonio as a world-class citrus exporter.

"This award is a testament to the deep work and dedication of every member of our agricultural family," said Osvaldo Barrientos. "It is an honor for us to receive these recognitions that reflect our love for the land, our commitment to responsible and high-quality agricultural production."

The Field of the Year Contest is an initiative that seeks to highlight the best practices in the agricultural sector, promoting innovation, sustainability, and excellence in agricultural production. The selection of Agro San Antonio in this prestigious contest underscores the importance of passion, innovation, and family commitment in agriculture, values that are essential for long-term success in the sector.

With this recognition, Agro San Antonio positions itself not only as a leader in agricultural production in Chile but also as a role model in the sector internationally. This award reaffirms Agro San Antonio's commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the promotion of Chile as a leading country in fruit exportation.

This achievement is a call to all actors in the agricultural industry to continue innovating and working with passion, to keep raising the standard of excellence of the Chilean countryside on the world stage.

Agro San Antonio improves technology to detect pests


As part of the continuous improvement process and the integration of technologies to improve the performance of the orchards, Agro San Antonio invested in a series of portable digital microscopes, with high multiplying power (1000 x) with a high resolution screen to detect pests that affect our trees.
Each of our orchards will have one of these devices, which will be used by the orchard managers, who were previously trained to detect and determine what type of pest may be affecting it and also if they are alive and developing.
The training activity was led by Vicente Peña, Manager of Agro San Antonio, and was held in our offices, located in Campo La Moyina, Pichidegua.

Christmas has arrived at Agro San Antonio


Many smiles and thanks, especially from the little ones, were the main reactions of the families of our workers after receiving their 2021 Christmas kit. This initiative, which is part of the benefits that Agro San Antonio delivers to all its workers, is already a tradition in our company and seeks to celebrate this date and provide a good time on these important dates for all of us. We hope you enjoy this Christmas very much and that you celebrate with your loved ones.

President of the Chilean Citrus Committee visits Agro San Antonio


Learning about good agricultural practices and seeing the performance and innovations of Agro San Antonio on the ground were part of the objectives of the visit by Juan Enrique Ortuzar, President of the Chilean Citrus Committee, an organization belonging to the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association. AG (ASOEX),

The leader visited the different orchards located in the commune of Pichidegua and was also able to share his professional and technical experience with our workers, led by Vicente Peña.

Agro San Antonio combats the erosion generated by the flooding of the Cachapoal rivers

As part of the sustainable initiatives of Agro San Antonio, this season willows were planted on the Cachapoal riverbank that adjoins our fields. The objective of this action seeks to mitigate the erosion that is generated in that area as a result of the flooding of the river in the rainy season.

"The sustainability of our project is based on a responsible treatment of the environment and although floods do not affect us directly in the production of our orchards, we do believe that it is important to be attentive to contribute and take care of our environment," said Vicente Peña , Manager of Agro San Antonio.

Leisure day at Agro San Antonio


The family is a fundamental part of the development of Agro San Antonio and it is for this reason that today we wanted to have a day of relaxation with the little ones.

With Creole games, surprises and good food, more than 30 people were able to share this pleasant moment whose main objective is to continue generating a sense of belonging among our workers and their families with Agro San Antonio.

New version of the Agro San Antonio leadership workshop


In November 2021, Ignacio Ovalle, Communications Consultant, conducted a training for the management and heads of each of the fields of Agro San Antonio called "Leadership with Purpose".

The objective of this action was to provide tools and updated knowledge on how to improve the leadership and commitment of managers with their work teams.

Agro San Antonio donates its library to the community


After 5 years of life and more than 250 copies collected from various authors and literary genres, Agro San Antonio decided to donate its library to the Municipality of Pichidegua, so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy culture and knowledge through the books.

The delivery took place in November 2021 and was attended by the Mayor of Pichidegua, Marcos Fuentes, among other municipal authorities.

Agro San Antonio donates lemons to the Municipal Hospital and Firefighters of Pichidegua


As part of the relationship initiatives with the community where we are inserted, during the last days of August 2021, a donation of lemons, of the messina variety, was delivered to the Municipal Hospital of Pichidegua and to the Firefighters of the same commune.

"For us it is essential to maintain a very good relationship with the community that shelters us and especially with the people and institutions that are permanently collaborating with citizens. We are happy with the reception and we will continue working to reinforce this type of support," said Vicente Peña. , Manager of Agro San Antonio.

Annual Report Agro San Antonio


Agro San Antonio published in March 2020 its second annual report, where the main activities carried out by our company in relevant areas as Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Production Results, Environment and Innovation plus a review of our history and our love for what we do.

The report was generated using the structure of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology and its main objective is to systematically and transparently show the commitment to our stakeholders, whether they are suppliers, communities, investors, regulatory entities or the general public.

We invite you to review it by clicking here.

LUST featured on Weekend Magazine


LUST was featured in the prestigious magazine "Weekend" by "El Mercurio". In the article, the prestigious winemaker Patricio Tapia refers to the new Chilean sparkling wines, where he taught a whole chapter to LUST

Shimen Zakai visit


During the month of December 2019 we were visited by the agronomist Shimen Zakai, from the Israeli company Zakai Agricultural Know How and representative of the rights of the Tangerine Program for America, of the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization. Mr. Zakai has been recognized worldwide for his agronomic knowledge in citrus. In this way, we had the opportunity to talk about the different future varieties of citrus and also compare the best global practices of citrus orchard management on the ground with what we were doing.

Community Protection System against the application of chemical production.

During December 2019, the voluntary construction of a Community Protection System began before the application of chemical production.

This system covers a perimeter of 600 linear meters and complements the protocols required by the National Health Service and is a concrete example of Agro San Antonio's commitment to the environment and the community.

Excellent results of our Climate Survey 2019


Since 2019 we have implemented an Organizational Climate assessment in our Company. This modern initiative hasallowed us to monitor more effectively, how our workers are feeling in their workplace. The results obtained in the 2019 period show an average evaluation of 6.1 over a maximum of 7. This note makes us very happy as an organization as it shows that within Agro San Antonio we have an extraordinary organizational climate, fulfilling one of our main objectives as a company, which is that our workers are happy to develop their functions and feel valued and important within of the organization.

2019 Harvest


During June of this year our orange harvest party was held, with more than 500 people. This year we achieved a record figure producing more than 3 million kilos, and exporting 2,727,000 kilos. We made a video that shows the work of this team that dreams of producing the best oranges in the world. We invite you to watch the video

New Manager at San Antonio


Vicente Peña Rodríguez, Agronomist with extensive experience in fruit, export and agricultural machinery companies, is the Manager of Agro San Antonio and who is in charge of leading our dream of producing the best ruit in the world.

Installation of weather stations:


During 2019, Agro San Antonio took an important step by acquiring DAVIS brand weather stations for its La Moyina and Larmahue fields. These systems have sensors to monitor temperature, evaporation, humidity, UV rays, rain, among others.

The information is incorporated into the global monitoring system of DAVIS worldwide. These data allow us to better manage decision making, achieving more efficient and effective agronomic management.

Mapping and numbering of all fields

During 2019 Agro San Antonio completed the mapping of each of the plants in all the orchards, thus allowing a detailed management of each tree.

In parallel, each row of the fields was marked with their number and also with the number of associated plants. In this way, an extremely practical and useful tool for data management and to act more efficiently and timely in the detection of irrigation problems, pests and diseases is incorporated through a very simple element.

Systematic Pest Monitoring:

Together with the specialized company Xilema, a biweekly pest monitoring program has been established in all orchards, which is made visible through physical reports and on a web platform.

This system is enabled in the La Moyina, San Antonio and Cara Cara fields.

Thanks to the monitoring and strict compliance with the procedures, we have complied with the pest protocols for export.

To this important systematic support are added the scheduled visits of Marcelo Somoza, a pest specialist, with whom the results of the survey carried out by the company providing the service are analyzed in detail, in addition to the steps to follow, if necessary.

Training visit of D. Marcelo Somoza

Citrus Committee President Meeting


In 2019, the President of the Chilean Citrus Committee, Juan Enrique Ortúzar, visited Agro San Antonio to give us his opinion regarding the world citrus market and the prospects and challenges of the Chinese market.

The leader also visited our Campo Larmahue where he was able to appreciate the Messina lemon plantation on Roubidux, show the best pruning and irrigation practices in this garden and discuss a series of decisions regarding irrigation and fertilization.

LUST borns


During the year 2018, our sister company SAN ANTONIO SPA, was working on the development of a 100% natural orange foamer, with the aim of realizing the dream of obtaining the first sparkling oranges under the Charmat Method of the world. LUST seeks to extract all the exuberance of our extraordinary oranges and take them to a sparkling wine that invites moments of lust without limits. LUST creates unique flavors and sensations, which evoke citrus notes that are enhanced by the freshness of its foam and its intense color. Learn more about LUST at

Harvest 2018


In June 2018, our harvest of oranges was carried out with a production of around 3 million kilos. It was a real party where we participated more than 400 people and that in less than 15 days achieved the production goal. This is the result of a team united and in tune, which strives to produce the best oranges in the world. We invite you to see this moments in this video

The exporting company, our strategic partner.


In recent years Agro San Antonio has structured a strategic alliance with Agricom, a leading export company, responsible for bringing and presenting our fruit in international markets.

Given the above, we have strived to maintain a transparent, close and trustworthy relationship. This proximity has allowed us, since 2016, to have our graphic identity in export boxes destined for the United States.

For us this fact is of great value and confirms the reciprocal trust between both organizations. We want you to ask for our fruit by our name.

Our export rate has been increasing year by year thanks to the professional and continuous care of our company, coupled with the technical advice that companies such as Agricom have provided us.

In 2019, we reached a record export rate of 92%. This achievement fills us with pride and is the product of the love and commitment of the workers of Agro San Antonio, of our work methodology and of the support of our main strategic partners.

Plants have to be good and feel good.

Beyond profitability, which is important for any company, Agro San Antonio seeks that its orchards, in addition to having sustainable production, look and feel good throughout the year. To achieve the above, we care to deliver the best food and water to our plants.

This is how in 2018 we installed a modern automated fertigation center in the Campo de Larmahue. Thus, each tree receives the necessary nutrients in a controlled and efficient way.

On the other hand, for more than two decades we have been working with the Las Garzas laboratory to obtain the relevant foliar analyzes, which allow us to know both the availability of nutrients in the soil and the nutritional status of the plant, among other data.

With this information Agro San Antonio develops customized fertilization programs in each of its orchards.

We also worry, permanently, that our plantations are clean, without garbage or other elements foreign to agricultural production such as plastics, cigarette butts, bottles, etc.  

The Use of Round Point Scissors.


Since 2014, we have integrated a type of American scissors with a rounded tip into our harvest.

However, after an internal examination we came to the conclusion that this scissor had serious problems in the cutting of the fruit, (lost the edge quickly) and also its ergonometric produced injuries to the worker. For this reason, and concerned about the welfare of our workers, we chose the leading scissors in the world, both in terms of functional quality and comfort for the worker.

During the year 2017 we acquired stainless steel scissors from the Spanish brand Les Nuleres.

Anasac Award, for the best Field of the year

On October 26, 2017 the award was given to the Field of the year organized by ANASAC, where our company AGRO SAN ANTONIO was awarded with the first place in the category "Value to Productivity and Quality" of the VI Region.

At the awards ceremony, receiving the Osvaldo Barrientos prize along with his wife Valeria Jadue

Larmahue Field


We have started a new Project consisting of the planting of 15 hectares of Cara Cara oranges on Roubidux (thus completing 22 in total) and 22 hectares of Messina lemon on Roubidux pattern. A total of 37 hectares will be planted by October 2018. The well that will irrigate these lands through a technical system has already been developed and the Huerto California nursery is working on the production of the plants. This plantation will be carried out in Campo LARMAHUE, located 7 km to the east of the Pichidegua area, in a sector characterized by its deep lands and generous climate for citrus.

Photograph taken in February 2017 of the Larmahue field

Titration of Oranges


AGRO SAN ANTONIO during the months of April and May we begin with an exhaustive analysis of the internal quality of the oranges, in such a way to determine the optimum moment (Brix and Acidity) in which to start the harvest. This monitoring is done with Agricom.

In this year 2017 and as a result of a hot summer season, the fruit underwent changes in its internal quality faster than usual. As a result, we and Agricom have decided to organize and implement a titration laboratory in the AGRO SAN ANTONIO premises.

Agricom staff preparing the Laboratory with the AGRO SAN ANTONIO team

Japanese Company Agreement


During this past June, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between AGRO SAN ANTONIO SANTIAGO and AGRISUPPLY SpA, a subsidiary of a leading Japanese company in production and distribution of orange marmalade in Japan. In this first year, commercial trade exceeded 140,000 kilos of oranges of excellent quality, after that a process in Chile was sent to factories in Japan for the production of orange marmalade.

During June, senior executives of the company, Hiroshi Hori, Masatoshi Takeuchi and Hisaoka Toyoaki, were visiting the operation directly in the fields of SAN ANTONIO.

Agro San Antonio brand in the world markets


We are very glad since for the first time we have incorporated our brand “AGRO SAN ANTONIO” in the boxes used to export our oranges, we have also given visibility to Pichidegua as home to the best oranges in the world. All the work done in AGRO SAN ANTONIO makes us feel proud of this step, and simultaneously commits us to further develop with joy an excellent product for key global markets.

Over than 130.000 oranges boxes are taken our brand through out the world, and those customers are testing the best flavor and color of our land. Our commitment is to continue to improve in order to generate identity and confidence with our product.

Harvest 2016


As every year, in the month of June AGRO SAN ANTONIO had their harvest of Fukumoto oranges in the fields of La Moyina and San Antonio, in the sixth region of Chile. With the help of a develop harvesting plan and with the support of an excellent team of more than 300 people willing to collaborate with quality production, the feast of orange recollection was done. Despite the work pressure, we always remind our self’s that if we work with joy our oranges will be sweeter and richer.

Once again we reached high standers of quality, with an export rate that exceeded 89%, and a curve caliber accumulated of 83% of the fruit to with 72 caliber. This year all of our fruit that was exported was channeled thru AGRICOM, the main destination was USA.

The transportation of the fruit from the orchards to the Polpaico de Agricom Plant was taken care of by Empresa de Transportes de Don Joaquín Retamales. The harvest fest for AGRO SAN ANTONIO is the culmination of a process that seeks to export the best flavor and color in the world.



Without a doubt if a person visits the orchard of AGRO SAN ANOTONIO from march onward he will be very surprise. Why? Each of the orange plants has a very carful system of “shoring” on the branches that carry the fruit which are close to the soil or uncoupling danger. It should be between 8 or 10 struts per tree. Each shoring is made with bamboo and must be prepare with wire in order to give the shape to provide the support and not damage the structure of the tree. There are almost 400.000 shoring that must be done each year. It has already generated a great experience.

Why is this done?

  • •Our trees are very generous in their production. They even go beyond what their structure allows them, considering also that pruning is done at skirts. We must answer with reciprocity to this generosity. This is why the shoring is done tree by tree, this way to ease the burden and also protect the fruit so it wont be close to the ground.
    • It is almost as an artisan work, and from what we have seen, practically unique in its magnitude and depth.
    • This practice allows us to maintain our trees healthy and not stress.
    • This practice allows us to recover values kilos of fruit per tree.

About San Antonio

AGRO SAN ANTONIO is born as a family project lead by Osvaldo Antonio Barrientos Valenzuela, more than 20 years ago in the town of Pichidegua, sixth region, of Chile.

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