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How we do our work?

Since we care about the quality of our products, we have decided to be certified, to give greater security and tranquility to our customers


Agro San Antonio obtiene certificado del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente por su compromiso con la reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero

(Español) Agro San Antonio ha obtenido recientemente un certificado distintivo otorgado por el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Chile, en reconocimiento a su compromiso en la medición y reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero. Desde el año pasado, la empresa ha estado trabajando en la medición de su nivel de contaminación, un esfuerzo que ha permitido generar planes para mejorar y contaminar menos.

Este trabajo es esencial para hacer frente al calentamiento global y sus efectos negativos en el clima, lo que nos obliga a tomar medidas y a comprometernos en la lucha contra este problema. Es por eso que empresas como Agro San Antonio son un ejemplo a seguir, y el certificado distintivo otorgado por el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Chile reconoce el esfuerzo realizado por la empresa en este ámbito.

Es importante destacar que son pocas las empresas en Chile que han llevado a cabo este trabajo de medición y evaluación, lo que hace que el reconocimiento de Agro San Antonio sea aún más destacable. Además, el compromiso de la empresa con la reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero demuestra que es posible ser rentable y cuidar del medio ambiente al mismo tiempo.


Global GapCertification

Since 2014 we have Global Gap Certification, an international recognition standard for agricultural production. With great satisfaction this 2021 we have received again the approval, confirming that our processes comply with the best production and market standards, maintaining our commitment to deliver a job that guarantees the best color and flavor in the world for our clients. .

This certification covers:

1.- Food safety and traceability.

2.- Environment (including biodiversity).

3.- Health, safety and welfare of the worker.

4.- Animal welfare.

5.- Integrated Crop Management, Integrated Pest Management, Quality Management System and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Global Gap is an internationally recognized set of standards on Good Agricultural, Livestock and Aquaculture Practice (GAP). Under the Global Gap brand, a set of good practice protocols are managed by Food Plus GmbH, a non-profit organization that develops standards for the certification of processes for obtaining primary sector products worldwide, including aquaculture.



This has been one of the key strategies to consistently improve our indicators. As a company we want our teams to be the best and for this we have different improvement alternatives. During 2021 our workers attended important training courses. Among the main ones are:

  • In November 2021, Ignacio Ovalle, Communications Consultant, conducted a training for the management and heads of each of the Agro San Antonio fields called “Leadership with Purpose”. The objective of this action was to provide tools and updated knowledge regarding how to improve leadership and commitment of managers with their work teams.

  • Vicente Peña, Manager of Agro San Antonio has participated in the following trainings:

    October 2021: Analysis of soils in citrus plantations, carried out by the advisor in plant nutrition and soils of Kalf Consulting, Lucas Ferrada

    August 2021: Training for Irrigation Management in Citrus Plantations and Phytosanitary Strategy in Citrus. Both instances were carried out by the advisers of Agroquímica ANASAC, Antonio Lobato and Marcelo Somoza.

    May 2021: Training for the Management of Residual Herbicides and Modulation of the Brassinosteroids Phytohormone in citrus plantations. The instance was led by the advisor Francisco González, from Syngenta agrochemical.

  • During 2021, Carlos Wilhelmy, Agro San Antonio’s agronomist, trains the personnel in charge of our orchards in the field. This instance was carried out on a quarterly basis.

  • Training for field managers in the implementation of the phytosanitary applications measurement system, given by Vicente Peña.

  • Training on Pest Monitoring, given by Professor Marcelo Somoza, which has also been supported by the Xilema company.

  • Training for field managers and operators in optimizing the application of Agrochemicals, achieving a 20% reduction in the consumption of water and agrochemicals in young orchards.

  • During 2021 Mutual de Seguridad carried out the following training sessions for the Agro San Antonio team:

    Use and management of pesticides. Health effects from exposure to UV radiation. Occupational hygiene course. Pesticide management regulations. TMERT risk factors. Use of fire extinguisher handling. Prevention of agricultural machinery risks.
  • 2018

    Revista del Campo Award

    Anasac Award/Revista del Campo: In 2017 we were invited to participate in the "El CAMPO DEL AÑO" (Farm of the Year) Contest organized by ANASAC, together with the El Mercurio "Revista del Campo". On the occasion we were awarded as the best Field of the Sixth Region in the subject Productivity and Quality.  

    En la premiación, recibiendo el premio Osvaldo Barrientos junto a su esposa Valeria Jadue


    Committee of Citrus Training

    That our employees are trained is an essential part of the process to deliver a quality product for our company, 4 members of our organization participated in the Training Seminar Pests and Pruning Citrus, organized by the Chilean citrus Committee, an institution made up of the leading exporters of citrus in the country that represents 78% of citrus exports from Chile.

    About San Antonio

    AGRO SAN ANTONIO is born as a family project lead by Osvaldo Antonio Barrientos Valenzuela, more than 20 years ago in the town of Pichidegua, sixth region, of Chile.

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