Agro San Antonio

¿What whe do about our community?

As a company we try to generate a positive impact in the environment, people, economy and education, especially in the area were we develop thus creating a reciprocal relationship

Some of the main competitive advantages of sustainably manage the business, are:

Improving financial performance
Reduce operating cost
Decreasing risks
Improved brand image and reputation


Benefits and development for our workers. Starting at home



Our team, besides being very competent in technical terms, has emotional ties to this land because their parents and their families have worked for decades on it.


This experience is greatly valued by Agro San Antonio and we seek to strengthen it through different initiatives and labor benefits, because we are convinced that a happy and motivated worker greatly improves his productivity and deepens his/her commitment to our company.


1.- Remuneration: In our company we have an ethical minimum net wage equivalent to $ 400,000 that is complemented by incentives associated with the fulfillment of goals.


2.- Birthday celebration: Implemented in 2017, this benefit seeks to recognize and celebrate the birthday of each team member, both in the monthly meeting where all our workers participate, as well as in their workplace, where the direct boss give recognition to the person celebrated.


3.- San Antonio Library: Implemented in 2016, this benefit allows all our employees, their children and grandchildren to access more than 218 books of the most diverse genres and interests. We have continued working every year to increase the amount of texts and now we are focused on incorporating technology to improve access to content on the Internet.


4.- Marriage bonus: Implemented in 2019, this incentive benefits any worker who marries and consists of financing the wedding night.


5.-Born bonus: Implemented in 2019, this economic benefit seeks to celebrate and recognize the birth of children of our employees.


6.- School bonus: Implemented in 2016, this economic benefit seeks to reward the academic excellence of the children or grandchildren of our workers who meet an annual average grade, equal to or greater than 6.5. Since 2016, 12 students have been awarded with this benefit.   


7.-Institutional Uniform: For years we have provided for all our workers institutional work clothes that meet all occupational health and safety standards. In 2019, Dry Fresh technology was included, which reduces the sensation of heat and perspiration of field work.


8.- The best product in our house: Since 2019, an export box with our best oranges has been delivered to every family of our workers in the month of June every year.


 The objective of this initiative is to make visible the result of the enormous work that each of our collaborators does during the whole season, and that their families also feel an important part of Agro San Antonio.


9.- Incentive system: We have spent years with an incentive system that addresses different interests of our company, those that go beyond mere fruit production.

Here are the goals set for the 2019 harvest.

a) Overcome a set of performance variables associated with production, productivity and fruit quality.

b) Have a pleasant work environment at harvest, without abuse and disrespect.

c) No accidents in the work field.

In 2019, all the objectives defined by the administration were met and all staff received their respective incentive, adding a total amount that exceeded USD 43,000.



Our commitment is also with our ​​influence area.

Agro San Antonio feels a deep affection and commitment to the community that shelters us and as a result of the above we are constantly making efforts to contribute to the development of the commune, taking care of its people, its environment, education and progress.


Below we detail the initiatives and actions of corporate social responsibility that we have implemented since the beginning of our fruit production:



1.- From Pichidegua to the world: The first thing was to tell our final customers in markets like the United States that we are part of Pichidegua. We achieve that by placing our image in the boxes of oranges that go to the main international markets where we export our fruit.


2.- Our workforce is local: Agro San Antonio gives permanent work to 25 people who live and are part of the community of Pichidegua. 



3.- For the harvest season, which occurs between the months of June and July, we employ approximately 500 people. Most of them belong to the town of Pichidegua and more than 50% are women.


This labor source is very important for the community since it occurs in the winter season, a time when job opportunities are scarcer in the area. All these people are hired in compliance with all labor standards.


4.- We are intensive in the use of local suppliers: Our policy as a company is to use and promote, as far as possible, suppliers from the commune or the province of Cachapoal. An example of the above is that in 2019 all the harvesting machinery was hired from the local businessman Mr. Víctor Palominos.


5.- We express our reciprocity publicly to Pichidegua: Since 2017 we have placed in one of the most important streets of the commune, a road sign that says “In Pichidegua the best oranges in the world are produced”.


We do this to highlight the importance of being based in this town, which has the climate, land and people conducive to produce the best oranges.


6.- We promote local education: Since 2009 we have maintained an alliance with the Peumo Agricultural School (commune near Pichidegua) that consists of admitting students in practice for different job functions and at different periods of the year.



7.- We support the elderly: From our beginnings we help the Pichidegua Nursing Home, delivering contributions of our fruit, thus contributing to maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet.


8.- We are contributors in our area ​​influence area: We are based in the commune of Pichidegua and pay our territorial taxes in the commune.


9.- We support the development of local sport: Since 2016 Agro San Antonio is a member and sponsor of the Cóndor Sports Club. This with the objective of supporting the healthy and recreational sport of the commune. Part of our support has resulted in the improvement of the stadium infrastructure and associated activities.


10.- Outstanding sports support: Since 2016 we are supporting the development of the career of the young cyclist Ignacio Espinoza, who cameto participate in the World Cycling Championship. As a way to give back our help, Ignacio has accompanied us in motivational talks given to our team, where he has told us about his experience in cycling and transmitted the values ​​of sport, such as teamwork, perseverance, effort and passion for what one does.

About San Antonio

AGRO SAN ANTONIO is born as a family project lead by Osvaldo Antonio Barrientos Valenzuela, more than 20 years ago in the town of Pichidegua, sixth region, of Chile.

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