Agro San Antonio

How we do our work?

Since we care about the quality of our products, we have decided to be certified, to give greater security and tranquility to our customers


GlobalGAP 2017Certification

In June of this year we have renewed our GLOBAL GAP certification, 5-0-1 March 2016 version. This certification responds to a strict audit process that requires AGRO SAN ANTONIO to develop a productive process of high quality and under strict safety protocols. The renewal of this GLOBAL GAP Certificate makes us feel happy to continue with the best production and marketing standards; and at the same time, it encourages us to remain committed to a job that guarantees the best production of oranges, with the best color and flavor of the world.


Committee of Citrus Training

That our employees are trained is an essential part of the process to deliver a quality product for our company, that is why in the month of August D. Mauricio Quintanilla, D. Marco Díaz and Osvaldo Barrientos participated in the Training Seminar Pests and Pruning Citrus, organized by the Chilean citrus Committee, an institution made up of the leading exporters of citrus in the country that represents 78% of citrus exports from Chile.


GlobalGAP certification

Every year in June we submit to the process of renewal of our GLOBAL GAP certification. This is an audit process that requires the audited company great rigor and professionalism in their development, since it is a world-class certification, in this opportunity under the new and demanding 5-0-1 version in March 2016. With much satisfaction, this year we have received approval to GLOBAL GAP certification, which makes us proud to continue with the highest standards of production and marketing; and at the same time, it urges us to continue improving and maintaining our commitment to deliver a work to ensure the best color and flavor of the world for our customers.


What is GlobalGAP?

GlobalGAP is a set of rules internationally recognized on good agriculture, livestock and aquaculture practice (GAP). Under the brand GlobalGAP, a set of protocols of good practices are united, managed by Food Plus GmbH, which is a nonprofit organization, that develops standards for the certification of the process for obtaining primary sector worldwide products, including aquaculture.

GlobalGAP is a hard and challenging but achievable protocol, which farmers from the world can use to demonstrate the fulfillment of their good farming practices. The rules are free access and can be obtain thru the web page of GlobalGAP.

In the search of looking to provide a quality product to our customers, from 2014 we have GLOBAL GAP Certification, which certifies us as a company that fulfills all the rules establish in order to be an exporter of fruits such as:

  • • Hygiene protocols to prevent product contamination left by the harvest.
    • Health, security and labor welfare.
    • Product handling, fertilization and irrigation among others.

Under a strict evaluation we can say with pride that we are a company that is reliable, environmental friendly and concerned with its people. This allows us to reach new markets and show our commitment with, food security and sustainability.

About San Antonio

AGRO SAN ANTONIO is born as a family project lead by Osvaldo Antonio Barrientos Valenzuela, more than 15 years ago in the town of Pichidegua, sixth region, of Chile.

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